The Diocesan Vision:

Unfolding God’s Plan. As
parishes move forward and begin to embrace the
Diocesan Vision, we are all invited to pray the
Diocesan Vision Prayer daily with Archbishop Bernard.
Here below or on special prayer card available in the
Prayer for the Diocesan Vision
Spirit of God, descend on me this day. Grant me the
Spirit of joy, to lift me, the Spirit of hope to inspire me,
the Spirit of love to surround me and the Spirit of truth
to enlighten my path.
Holy Spirit, I pray for a new outpouring of your grace,
so that I may grow in worship of your name in love of
you in my prayer and in my actions towards others.
Come Holy Spirit into my life to guide me. Strengthen
and defend me, so that I may be drawn ever closer to
you. Help me this day and always to be a channel of
grace in all I say and do and invite others into
relationship with you. Amen
Written by the Liturgy and Worship group.

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