Important Notices

Cautious welcome to ‘Freedom Day.’
Following the announcement that step 4 of the Government’s Covid-19 response roadmap will come into effect on Monday 19th July; the Archbishop Bernard
Longley, has forwarded us a latest guidance from the Bishops’ Conference. The Catholic bishops in England & Wales say that at this stage, it is important for all to
remember that although legislation is being relaxed, the pandemic is not yet over and there continues to be a duty of care for all who use our churches and other facilities. Their guidance therefore, seek to ensure that, where opportunity permits, there is some degree of relaxation but there remains a cautious approach that encourages the continuation of social distancing, mask wearing and daily cleaning where these help to minimize risk and provide comfort and confidence to worshippers. The bishops emphasis that what is important now is the corporate
endeavour of all involved in our church life to maintain the exemplary good practice that has been exhibited over the past 15 months in our churches whilst moving into a freer expression of our church life, worship and mission. Though circumstances may now vary from parish to parish.
Here at St Elizbeth’s, unfortunately, due to the ongoing rise of infections in our area, and to safeguard the health and wellbeing of worshippers; we shall cautiously relax
only some parts of the restrictions and keep the essentials during all our services –
What is Kept? Masks/face covering, 1 metre +plus social distancing, one-way system movements, hands sanitising, and cleaning after Mass.
What is allowed? Communal singing—while wearing masks, Bidding prayers, Kneeling, and Holy Communion back to its normal time at Mass. Those without masks due to medical conditions are encouraged to continue to sit at Lady Chapel.
Finally, the parish halls in the Archdiocese can now be used more extensively after carrying out their particular risk assessments

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