Important Notices

Planning for Good Friday: Please book for the 3.00pm Exultation of the
Cross. Booking starts this 4th Sunday of Lent. Book through the stewards or by email, text, or phone call to the Sisters. Please share the information in your social media accounts as well as with your friends and neighbours, who normally attend this service with us! We shall have other two services in addition to the 3pm. We shall operate on First come, First Served bases.
Good Friday Services:
12:10PM: Stations of the Cross (Solemn)
3:00PM: Exultation of the Cross (Main Service)
6:30PM: Stations of the Cross (Solemn)
Please let us know which service you would like to attend before Palm Sunday.
Note: NO Booking for Easter Sunday.

School Programme for the Sacraments 2021
Monday 2th June: Reconciliation at 6pm for both schools.
Thursday 24th June: Confirmation at 7pm-St. Elizabeth’s.
Thursday 1st July: Confirmation at 7pm-Good Shepherd.
Sunday 4th July: Holy Communion at 11:ooam- St. Elizabeth’s.
Saturday 10th July: Holy Communion at 9:15am– Good Shepherd.

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