Christmas Preparation Coventry Deanery (Booking Mass)

Dear Parishioners,
This year has been difficult because of the impact of Covid-19. Some of you will have unfortunately lost loved ones, leaving many grieving families, some of you will have had the illness yourselves, and then there has been the terrible economic impact too. Despite these challenges we keep living our lives as best as we can and rely on the hope that the light of Christ brings to each of us.

We look forward to welcoming you to church over Christmas. Please remember that Christmas masses will also be livestreamed, so if you feel it is safer to watch mass over the internet, this will be a sensible option for you and one approved by the church. We are sure you will appreciate that things will be different this year and we have to keep people safe and follow the Government guidelines. It is important that you make yourself aware of the mass times over Christmas at your local church and we ask that you attend mass at the parish nearest your home.

Each Church in Coventry will have some form of booking system and it is important that you are aware of what to do. We are not allowed just to have people turning up over Christmas as we have to have accurate numbers to make sure the churches are not over-crowded. If
you come to church, you will need to wear a mask and will have to adhere to track and trace requirements. There will be people in church to guide you and to explain the arrangements. This Christmas there will not be any communal singing of carols and your church may use soloist or recorded music and singing. There will be clear instructions about receiving communion and leaving and returning to your seats. Details of how to book will be on your parish newsletter and website and on the  Deanery website:

It is important that we let people know about these arrangements, especially those who may not come to church regularly, but will expect to attend over Christmas. We will be sending out this letter through all our parishes and schools in Coventry. As we begin our Advent preparations for Christmas, let us pray for each other that we can celebrate Christmas with great joy and mindful of each other’s safety.

With prayers and best wishes.

The Priests and Deacons of the Coventry Deanery

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