Statement on Vaccination

Parish Notices
Statement on Vaccination
A statement from Bishop Richard Moth, Chair of the
Department of Social Justice, on the production and use
of a Covid-19 vaccination is available via the diocesan
intranet. This statement was approved for publication by
the bishops of the Department for Social Justice at their
recent meeting and goes out in their name. There are
several key points to draw everyone attention regarding
this statement:
1. A vaccination against Covid-19 is, in principle, a social
good to protect people from harm.
2. We urge the Government to develop an ethically
sourced vaccine as an alternative to one derived from
foetal cell lines.
3. The Government assures us that new foetal cell lines
are not being used in the development of a Covid-19
4. The Church teaches that for grave reasons a vaccine
developed from cell lines taken from human tissue taken
from aborted foetuses in the past may be used in good
5. Individuals must educate their conscience in the
teaching of the Church and make their own judgement
about whether to accept a Covid-19 vaccine.
6. There must be fair access for all people to the vaccine.
7. The vaccine must be safe and effective to use.
If you have any queries regarding this statement, please
contact Stephanie MacGillivray at the Bishops’
Conference Secretariat


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