Parish Notices

Donation to your Parish Church: Several option available for anyone wanting to continue giving money for the Parish. The easiest would be: By a Cheque payable to St Elizabeth’s Parish. Post it to the Address of the parish. Another preferred option is downloading and using the standing order form on this diocesan website. .


Online Donation: Just go to donate on (top right) on home page of  the diocesan website – . Your donations can also be gift aided and can be  made to any parish via credit or debit card. There are transaction charges levied by the card processing company which amount to 20p + 1.9% of the value of your donation – for example if you donate a £10 to the parish, the card processing company will deduct only £0.39 from the amount we receive. But please note that Standing order remains the most cost-effective way for donation.

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